BLUE KITCHEN staff member, Elli Blume, preparing the new season Preserved Lemons.

13 May, 2012


Chillies, coriander, ginger, garlic, lemons and limes! With the abundant rainfall we’ve had on the far North Coast of NSW over the past few months, bumper crops of goodies are there for the picking. and the BLUE KITCHEN team is hard at work gathering ingredients for our products.

Our popular Moroccan-style Preserved Lemons is just one of the jobs on the “to-do” list. As more people are becoming aware of the subtleties of flavours Preserved Lemons can add to dishes, and the quality and value of the BLUE KITCHEN product, we now devote half of every production day to prepare more stock. Each jar is carefully hand-made in the traditional method – only the best fruit is selected, carefully segmented, seeded and mixed with our special spices and pure Australian salt before being stored away for their six week fermentation period.  They are rich in lactic acid producing bacteria, and they’re delicious. The combination of salt and high acidity from the lemon juice discourages the growth of bad, or pathogenic, bacteria, and if you end up with discoloured lemon pieces sticking up out of the juice, don’t worry – this is just a precipitate of natural oils from the pith, and salt. You can add more lemon juice if they start to look a bit dry. Once opened, keep in the refrigerator and they’ll be good for 12 months.

The latest batch of Preserved Lemons comes off the production line!

So – how do you use them? Here’s a few ideas….
• Place a couple of Preserved Lemon segments (flesh and peel) with a knob of butter, garlic, pepper and some fresh oregano in a mortar and pestle and pound to a pulp. Carefully rub this paste under the skin of a chicken before roasting. A couple more segments into the cavity also adds flavour. Delicious!
• Dice up the Preserved Lemon skin and place atop fish before grilling. Remember to squeeze fresh lemon juice over the fillets so they don’t dry out. Segments inside a whole fish before baking is also a great idea.
• Diced Preserved Lemon in a casserole or tagine adds sensational flavour.
• Try diced Preserved Lemon tossed in cous-cous, or in a chermoula dressing, in salads, or through savoury rice dishes.

Being a staple of North African meals, the use of Preserved Lemons is limited only by your imagination. You can use them anytime a recipe calls for lemons – but remember, because the flavour is more intense, you only have to use about a third the amount than you’d normally use with fresh fruit.

Don’t mess with these BLUE KITCHEN workers!

So – now’s the time to order a jar or two of the latest batch of Preserved Lemons. You won’t be disappointed! ….. and it’s this easy. All products in the BLUE KITCHEN range can be purchased on-line through our website at:, or just pop into your nearest BLUE KITCHEN retail outlet. And if your favourite deli doesn’t stock BLUE KITCHEN yet, email us and we’ll get them on board. For every successful referral, we’ll send you a special gift pack. How’s that?!

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