The BLUE KITCHEN range of curry pastes and relishes has been developed to reflect the best of international cuisine.

Recipes have been collected from all over the world, and developed, refined and tested by BLUE KITCHEN before being released on the market. All use a high proportion of Certified Organic ingredients, sourced from local and Australian growers, and most include native herbs and spices to give them a unique edge. All BLUE KITCHEN products use no animal or marine life ingredients, so are vegan friendly.

Their versatility, quality, flavour and ease of use has been recognised by their being awarded prizes at top Australian Gourmet Food festivals.

HARISSA – a Moroccan Chilli Relish (can be used like a Red Curry Paste)

GREEN CURRY PASTE – a Thai-style, vegan-friendly curry paste

MAGALIE YELLOW CURRY PASTE – a milder and sweet Caribbean-style curry paste