• Silver Medal (Class 24) Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2009

• Silver Medal (Preserves) Mudgee Fine Foods Awards 2009

BLUE KITCHEN has responded to numerous requests to supply the market with its famous Preserved Lemons – once only available at Food Festivals and local fairs. They are an important ingredient in our Harissa, but as knowledge of their wider application grew, so did demand. As they are made with fresh, local, pesticide-free fruit, supply can be seasonal.

A staple of North African recipes, Preserved Lemons can be used in a multitude of ways. Use a slice or two when stuffing poultry, or finely dice the peel to add to casseroles and tagines, tabbouleh, couscous, or as a garnish atop grilled fish. Blend the rind into salad dressings, chermoula dressings, mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce, or an avocado guacamole.

BLUE KITCHEN‘s Preserved Lemons are made in the traditional method, going through a natural fermentation and 6 week curing process in the jar. They have won silver medals at the Royal Sydney Fine Foods Show, and the N.S.W. regional Mudgee Fine Food show.


Available in 250g jars. Special on-line price: AUD$12.50