Green Curry Garlic Prawns

Green Curry Garlic Prawns

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A simple yet popular dish which is suitable as both an entrée or as a main. Serve piping hot in warmed bowls, together with the coarsely chopped coriander leaves sprinkled on top and a crusty, hot bread roll which you have placed in the pre-warmed oven when you started cooking the prawns. If preferred, serve on a bed of basmati rice.

Green Curry Garlic PrawnsIngredients:

6 – 8 per person large, de-headed, shelled & cleaned prawns
8 cloves finely chopped garlic
2 tablespoons lime or lemon juice
1 tablespoon macadamia oil
3 – 4 teaspoons BLUE KITCHEN Green Curry Paste
half teaspoon coarsely crushed black pepper
pinch sea salt
400ml coconut milk
6 sprigs of fresh coriander leaves


Prepare the marinade by mixing in a bowl the coconut milk, lime juice, chopped garlic, oil, curry paste, pepper and salt. Immerse the prawns, stir a little so the prawns are evenly dispersed in the liquid.

Cover and let stand for approximately 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Pre-heat the oven for some crusty bread rolls which are perfect with this dish, especially for mopping up the juice. Alternatively, begin cooking the rice to be ready at time of serving.

Pour the contents of the bowl into a hot, wide, heavy based frying pan, savour the aromas while the prawns turn pink – usually 5 – 8 mins if you keep the heat high. If the prawns are on the biggish side, turn them with tongs to ensure even cooking.