Blue Kitchen produces three chilli sauce condiments. Our most popular product for chilli connoisseurs, the Hot Chilli Sauce is the
original BLUE KITCHEN recipe that initiated the business. We use our own breed of ‘cayenne’ style chillies which are blended with the hotter Pequin and Red Savina Habanero varieties to give it its distinctive bite and flavour.
The  Medium Chilli Sauce is a milder version of our Hot Chilli Sauce. The Pequin and Red Savina Habanero chillies have been replaced by the milder Tabasco and Thai Hot varieties, but the flavour and appeal has not been compromised. Can be used in much the same way as our hot chilli sauce, and is very popular at parties – especially if there’s
BBQ’d prawns on the menu.
Finally the Sweet Chilli Sauce which was developed after requests from those new to the wonderful world of chilli, who were instantly attracted to the flavours of our Chilli Sauces, but not inclined to spicy heat. We use the local seeded, sweet Bell chillies, and as the name suggests, this is more a chilli jam – but beware – it is still a sneaky bit spicy

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