Blue Kitchen Gourmet FoodsBLUE KITCHEN GOURMET FOODS  is wholly Australian. All products are made in the Northern Rivers Region, New South Wales. They contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, and are pesticide free. The entire range is vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Blue Kitchen Company sources only quality ingredients, most of which are certified organic, in keeping with its commitment to provide a better alternative to other chilli sauces, preserves, relishes, and curry pastes.

The entire range is hand crafted, using the finest, natural and organic ingredients either grown at various chilli and fresh herb gardens in the Lismore district, or sourced from other regional Australian growers. Great care is taken in the selection of the chilli varietals in keeping with our ongoing commitment to the development and integrity of our superior product range. The BLUE KITCHEN range of delightful sauces and pastes are distinctive for their rich and full-bodied consistency, and their high proportion of chilli content in certain sauces. This means that they may cost a little more, that some of the products may be seasonal, or there may be slight colour variation through the harvest periods, but the taste and quality is far superior to anything else on the market. No animal or fish products are used, so the entire range is VEGAN friendly.

Made for chilli connoisseurs and gourmet cooks, the BLUE KITCHEN range of products offers something for everyone: meat lovers; vegetarians; and those on gluten-free or dairy-free diets. Blue Kitchen sauces, preserves and pastes will enhance meat, seafood and vegetable meals, marinades and curries, or they can be added to your favourite recipes or dishes to give you a little more spice in your life! A small quantity is all you need for cooking or adding to food, so your product purchases will be truly economical!

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  • Chutneys

    Chutneys (2)

    Blue Kitchen chutneys were developed to compliment the curry pastes we make however we soon discovered that they can be used in a variety of ways. Excellent on a simple cheese sandwich and a great pantry item to open when entertaining guests as they can be used in combination with other fresh ingredients to make a delicious tasting platter. Super easy to use, store in the fridge once opened and use the next time you have friends over for snacks.
  • Condiments

    Condiments (6)

    Blue Kitchen produces three chilli sauce condiments. Our most popular product for chilli connoisseurs, the Hot Chilli Sauce is the original BLUE KITCHEN recipe that initiated the business. We use our own breed of 'cayenne' style chillies which are blended with the hotter Pequin and Red Savina Habanero varieties to give it its distinctive bite and flavour. The  Medium Chilli Sauce is a milder version of our Hot Chilli Sauce. The Pequin and Red Savina Habanero chillies have been replaced by the milder Tabasco and Thai Hot varieties, but the flavour and appeal has not been compromised. Can be used in much the same way as our hot chilli sauce, and is very popular at parties - especially if there's BBQ'd prawns on the menu. Finally the Sweet Chilli Sauce which was developed after requests from those new to the wonderful world of chilli, who were instantly attracted to the flavours of our Chilli Sauces, but not inclined to spicy heat. We use the local seeded, sweet Bell chillies, and as the name suggests, this is more a chilli jam - but beware - it is still a sneaky bit spicy
  • Conserves

    Conserves (1)

    The Davidson Plum Conserve is made primarily of the local Queensland varietal of the Rainforest Plums.  Another of our seasonal products, this tart, marmalade-style jam sells quickly when available. A subtle blend of sweet & sour, our conserve is made from the Queensland variety of the local native rainforest canopy plum with a hint of Dorrigo Pepper and cinnamon. Great as a breakfast toast jam , also superb with cheeses and crackers or brushed as glaze on roasted pork or duck.
  • Pastes

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  • Preserves

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